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Joyce White Nelson: Personal and Professional Coach & Strategist

Success Discovery Consultation: Areas of Coaching and Consulting to Consider and Respond. Please answer with your initial thoughts on your needs or areas of interest. We are looking for authentic and transparent responses. Your responses wiil be reviewed prior to our session. Our goal is to have 2-3 clear actionable steps at your Discovery Session 920.562.2141
  • Be specific: age, demographics, etc.
  • Be specific in how you gather information. How would they describe your business now
  • list everything in order of effectiveness and cost to business
  • What drives you...what do you really want to achieve?
  • In general terms, (not a P&L statement) makes the most money and where are you loosing money?
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  • Mission and Vision statement you have now...also what you think may be missing or would make it better
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