What is R.O.A.R.?
Return On Authentic Relationships

“People are attracted to businesses or organizations that make them feel valued; give people more value than they expect on a consistent basis and they will be loyal raving fans!” – Joyce White Nelson

Joyce White Nelson’s team of People-First professionals have guided hundreds of top entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations in building lasting professional relationships. JoyceVentures is where People-First professionals find their #ROAR! Clients and partners report their outstanding returns.

Our Vision

JoyceVentures desires to contribute to your success by creating mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships that change the world and result in joy and prosperity.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to serve through a collaborative, process oriented approach that will exceed your intended outcomes. We do this through systems analysis, assessment, observation, and open dialogue to provide qualitative and essential qualitative data for decision-making. Our global network of professional resources are one of our greatest assets.

Our Belief

Consistently and systematically giving people more than they expect results in profound success that deserves to be shared strategically on individual and global levels. Great leaders throughout history have known that “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Joyce White Nelsonl

JoyceVentures desires to contribute to your success. Let’s discover together how a strategic and innovative plan will align you with successful businesses that are growing their returns through authentic professional relationships.

Always Thankful,
Joyce White Nelson