I Believe

Today, I am rock solid passionate about guiding people to create sustainable, authentic, mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships that result in joy and prosperity.

Like many people, my childhood was not very happy. I was not shy, but, I was sad, lonely and confused. In our family we lived separate lives inside of a house, keeping secrets from the world. My closest friends were my dog and my horse. As a young teen, I made a very conscious and pivotal decision to CARE through the pain, immerse myself in diverse and direct environments and experiences, and find beauty in the little things.

I could not have people friends until I learned about myself and the liberation of forgiveness. Having authentic relationships needed to start by finding my core beliefs and work it’s way into who I would become.

“I chose to believe in the positive value of learning with and for others, and that each person has more value than my finite mind can imagine.”

I believe when we seek to be of service, and give people more than they expect, and genuinely care about the outcome, they feel appreciated and loved. For this I am grateful.

Believe in People First

If you believe in the positive value of collaboration, contribution, and change through personal and professional growth, we are on the same page.

If you aspire to have the success of businesses that are reaping benefits of a people-first focus, you will want to create systems to build authentic personal and professional relationships.

If you are a professional focused on building authentic business relationships, I invite you to connect with me to discover how we can create outcomes beyond your expectations.

I made a choice to discover my personal path and transform my personal and professional life into one that aligns with my purpose.joyce ventures family photo

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or building your own business; it can be all-consuming. I know, my family has sacrificed for me and worked with me. I continually strive to implement systems, resources and practices to achieve balance which results in joy and prosperity, so I can focus on the most important people; my family.

go redGoRedforWomen – American Heart Association

The “Open Your Heart” works are extremely important to me and through the years, it has been a gift to work and volunteer with the AHA. Below is a video of some of my contribution and efforts.

I would love to collaborate with you on what I have learned and offer you, my community of people-first professionals, a guide for you to achieve the outcome you desire.

Always Thankful,

gray-quotation-marks-md  Melissa Tanke, Founder Working as One 
Joyce’s coaching, consulting is providing essential direction to build this nonprofit from the ground into something meaningful and impactful. Her broad knowledge-base has been critical in creating a firm foundation for my dream. I appreciate how she has been able to apply her wealth of business knowledge and experience and apply it to this nonprofit. She has those traits that are admired and envied by professionals everywhere: the ability to manage many projects at one time, to keep track of what both the right and left hands are doing, as well as the ability to manage details while also having your eye on the big picture. You are able to fill ‘voids’ at a moment’s notice and cater or augment your professional services to meet the needs of those you work with. For all of this, I am grateful.